Career Oportunities


Our firm actively recruits interns in all stages of academia, for part- and full time, summer/fall/spring assignments. Internships provide an opportunity for the intern and the firm to get to know each other. Many of our interns eventually become full time employees.

Entry Level

Our firm seeks university graduates with a bachelor degrees who may also intend on pursuing their Masters level degree. Technology and business professionals with minimal experience are also pursued to assist in entry level positions.

Experienced Hires

Our firm seeks technology, security, and business professionals with more than five years experience in systems consulting, audit, or management who have obtained field specific certifications and are able to supervise and manage entry level associates. Our experienced hires also exhibit the ability to independently work on engagements and projects and complete them in a timely and professional manner.

Career Path

We provide opportunities to our staff for growth through increasing their responsibilities as they demonstrate their knowledge and performance. Promotions are based on merit and performance.